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Become a Sponsor

In loving memory of my good friend Christie Rosen.  (1956-2012)                                      “Till we meet again, my friend”.

We need your help!  By becoming a Sponsor, you can help us in our effort to inspiring hope for No Evidence of Disease (NED) by providing assistance to women who have fallen into severe financial distress following a diagnosis of breast cancer, so they can focus their attention on wellness and achieving a better outcome and improved quality of life.

Most likely, you’ve already been touched by this disease either by your own diagnosis, or through witnessing the suffering of your loved one as they endure treatment.  You can mail us your donation, or donate online using your credit card or existing PayPal account.

Checks should be made payable to:

Toni Turchi Foundation
P.O. Box 467
Aurora, Ohio 44202 

Corporate/Sponsorship Interest Form:

After filling out the form below, a business development executive will reach out to you with a meeting invitation and additional    information about sponsoring.

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Mr. Raymond Turchi: Rea Elektronik Inc.

Ray Turchi is the President of REA Elektronik, Inc. in North America since May 2004. Ray started REA in the USA as a joint venture with REA Elektronik, in Germany. Ray has over 25 years of sales and general management experience, including managing vertical sales groups, corporate accounts, and large sales organizations. Other background includes Director of Sales for a large sales organization at Domino Amjet, and Vice President of Bishamon Industries. Additionally, he has been a senior sales person for Stanley Vidmar a division of Stanley Works.

Ray is married to Toni Turchi and together they have one child named Anthony. They live in Aurora, Ohio and he is an active sponsor for the local recreation sporting teams in Aurora, active in his church at Parkside, and makes contributions to several organizations locally.

Plan an event to support us

  • Run races or participate in other organized activities and use online fundraising websites to collect donations for the Toni Turchi Foundation

  • Organize a fundraiser – a house party, Tupperware party, makeup party, etc. – and donate all or a portion of the proceeds to the Toni Turchi Foundation

  • Organize a dress-down day at school, your place of business or with your friends and donate the proceeds to the Toni Turchi Foundation

  • Suggest the Toni Turchi Foundationas a charity for your next school fundraiser


You Can Help Raise Awareness and Funds:

  • Email this website to friends and family (or to everyone in your address book!) to spread the word about the eradication of breast cancer
  • If you own your own business or store, run a special with some or all of the proceeds going to the Toni Turchi Foundation

Where will the money go?

Give Support

When considering how to make a difference, sometimes it’s good to start locally.  The Toni Turchi Foundation (TTF) encourages and facilitates charitable giving to families struggling with life-altering circumstances as a consequence of breast cancer.  The Toni Turchi Foundation is a private foundation funded largely by “YOU”.  The TTF accepts donations for the primary benefit of providing financial assistance to families whose loved one is battling the disease of breast cancer. All proceeds go directly to this charity.

Who does the Foundation benefit?

All potential recipients are carefully targeted via social workers from reputable hospitals and cancer treatment centers throughout.